Cookie Consent Tool

What does Yieldr do?
We show you ads from an advertiser if you have recently visited the advertiser’s site, depending on how often you have already seen an ad from that particular advertiser. We also look at a number of general items (such as the kind of browser) in order to determine on the basis of statistical rules whether a certain ad is more relevant to you or you are more likely to click on an ad.

How does Yieldr do that?
To be able to show ads, we use cookies. We do not keep data longer than 90 days. For more information about our data policy, visit our privacy policy at:
To be able to show ads, we use the services of other companies. These are listed below. These companies collect their own data but do not share it with us. For more information about these companies, the data they store and a link to their data policies, click on the name of the company you would like to know more about.

If you no longer want Yieldr to place cookies in order to show you personalized ads you can indicate so below. Choosing to do so does not mean that you will no longer see ads on the Internet.

Companies storing or accessing information via this ad could include: